100 wd16-A burning memory

It was 1915 john was siting in a trench all alone it was night duty and was lost in his thoughts then he herd “snip snip” and the sound of leather through mud Its not like last year he thought. The year before an attack on his trench left all of his troops dead but instead of fighting he hid.This year would be different he blow his whistle and ran over the top he shot his rifle again and again remembering the faces of the soldiers he led to die.Until a pain in his Shoulder he fell to the ground and would fall into a forever slumber.

Christmas day

When people think of Christmas they think of Santa and presents but not many people think of Christmas of the day of Christ’s birth.why do people not think of Christ on Christmas maybe the rise of atheism and people focusing on gifts  rather than Christ.This Christmas I know gifts and food are amazing but always remember who’s day it truly is Christ.

My time with COVID

Hi I am Ashton and this is my time with Covid.I was at school an then I heard “Ashton to the front office’’.I go to the office and then the nurse and then they say to the front desk Ashton and I go. The drive home was quite silent my dad had Covid 2 days later and my mom did too.For 3 weeks I stayed inside and was bored out of my mind! The last day came and and I went to school it was a very stressful day.

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