Hello Grace Christian School I am Ashton from POPCS here are some questions that I would like to ask.

1.In the San Diego safari zoo what animals are there any rhinos?

In Dallas Texas we have the Dallas Zoo I went there a when I was 5

2.In the car show in Escondido what cars are there?

We don’t get many car shows here.

3.In lake Hodges how big is it how many gallons of water are there?

I have some property in Gilmer TX. that has a small lake

Hello recently my dog gently brought a very small baby rabbit into my home. The rabbit must have been a week old we feed it KMR (kitten Milk Replacer) we made a small little home for it my dad used to raise rabbits we get dog hair to simulate a mother rabbit it look super comfy. Sadly it passed it had ben in the elements to long but now he is with God we buried it in the backyard my dog was very sad.







































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